Sunday, October 17, 2010

And then they were gone.......

As you know, Maggie started school on Aug. 30th.  Something we never thought we would do in a million years!  I have to admit that I am so happy about our decision.  She has just blossomed and grown so much in the short few weeks she has been there.  But, I am not really posting about school.  Something big happened for Maggie and I wanted to share with you all!

On Maggie's third day of school we realized she had a loose bottom tooth.  Exciting times!  About 2 days after that we noticed the one next to it was wiggling as well.  Well, for those of you who know Maggie, then you already know that Maggie does things when she is ready.......and not a minute before!  We waited over 1 month for her to pull those teeth out.  I begged her to let me try, she did let me try twice, but the little buggers were too slippery.  After that she said no way, she was keeping them til she was ready to be done with them.  Every day I checked them.  Every day I tried to convince her, every day had the same answer as the day before.  Yep, you guessed it, she flat out said No. 
Then came the ONE day neither Chris or I checked.  In fact, at one point in the afternoon after picking her up from school I could have sworn I noticed them missing, but then didn't take a second look because of course when your child pulls a tooth they tell you.  Right?  Wrong.

A couple hours after being home, a little after dinner Maggie came to me and told me she had pulled out her teeth at school.  My jaw must have dropped to the floor.  Both Chris and I were so excited that these wiggly things were FINALLY out.  Chris was WAY happier than I was because, well, he has a weak stomach for things like loose teeth.  I think Maggie was partly keeping them in so she could do her "look dad, I can push my teeth with my tongue.  She enjoyed the look of horror on his face.  Admittedly, I did too.  :)  Kinda funny to see. 
Anyway.......the story of her pulling her teeth was different than any I have ever heard from a kid.  It really kind of melted my heart a bit.  I will tell it exactly as she told me.

"It was just after lunch and I was tired of them being in my mouth.  They were moving all over when I was trying to eat.  It was annoying.  So I went to the front yard and sat under the big tree.  I pulled out my teeth and then I buried them under the tree in a spot where there was good shade so the sun wouldn't make them too hot, and so the fox would come poop on them."

Everything made sense to us except the part about the fox.  Not sure where she got that from, there is no fox.  But I thought it was so sweet that she had this private little moment with herself.  She had a little ceremony of sorts for her baby teeth.  I was sad I missed it.

The next morning we were getting ready for school and she decided she would like to dig them up and bring them home.  Well, if this had all happened about 2 weeks before it would have been no problem.  See, the school had just had white/yellow crushed granite poured in that spot, and well, you guessed it, it ALL looks like little tiny baby teeth.  LOL 

So we don't have any baby tooth keepsakes, but we have a story that will forever be with me.  My baby girl is growing up. 

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