Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homemade Lipgloss

Maggie loves make up.  Not sure why.  I rarely wear it.  And by rarely I mean probably a couple times a year.  I used to wear it.  I used to not be able to leave the house without it.  Then I got pregnant with Maggie, had a bad pregnancy, was so sick after having Maggie I stayed home a lot and just got out of the habit of wearing it.  But for some reason my girl has gotten into playing with make up big time!  One thing she adores is lip gloss.  The shinier and glossy the better!  We go through a lot of lip gloss.  So I decided to try making my own.  In a book I have about making homemade concoctions there was a recipe that used Crisco and Koolaid.  I don't ever have either one in the house so that meant no lip gloss!  LOL  Yesterday Chris went to the market and I had him grab me a packet of Black Cherry Koolaid.  Now we are in business.  Even though we didn't have Crisco. 

For anyone who knows me well then you already know how much of a coconut oil fan{atic} I am.  Not only does it smell good, but it is so good for skin, hair, LIPS!  Perfect for our newest experiment!

Got myself a little cup to mix up Coconut Oil and Koolaid.  It's a hot day and the coco oil was a little mushy.  No biggie.  Made it much easier to mix!   I just "eyeballed" the amounts.

Then I needed something to put it in.  You would think with all the containers we have had around here of lip gloss that we would have had an extra one.  But nope.  I know now to save them!  I did happen to have a tea light candle container that was empty.  So that is what I used.

Filled the container and put in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

And now we have lip gloss!

Super easy.  Super cheap.  Fun.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!


  1. It was pretty red. LOL
    I noticed it was a little bit grainy too. Definitely good for the kiddos. I think it would need to be perfected for us older gals.

  2. I imagine the koolaide would make it a bit grainy. Maybe if the oil is really melted down so that it can 'disolve' in first? I think that my DD will love it either way! Now, where the heck do you buy coconut oil? ;)

  3. Well, I buy a really good quality coco oil because it is one of the only oils my body can tolerate. And it has so many great health qualities to it. I order mine from Wilderness Family

    But you can get a lesser quality like Spectrum at a lot of mainstream stores, or stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, etc.



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