Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good things are a comin'!

It's amazing how you can think you have something figured out only to have things change overnight, unexpectedly!.  That's what happened to us!  Thankfully it's a good change!

Remember my post about getting accepted for the house we really liked?  Well, we LOVE the house.  It's beautiful.  And exactly what I have been wanting.  Except it's in a town I don't really like.  But, we were going to sacrifice.  We had made plans and given notice here at the old house to move out on the 16th.  Sign our 1 year lease and hand over a big wad of cash on the 16th for the new house.  Well, Sunday Chris went to work on a boat on some property that we always say we wish we had something like it to live at.  Well, the owner was there started to talk to Chris and asked if we would want to move in there.  Um, YES!  YES we do!

So, the owner gave the tenants notice (they haven't paid rent since last year!!).  We are HOPING they will do a quick move and not prolong it.  We have to be out of this house next week, which place to live!  LOL  How on earth did we get into this pickle???!!  Well, we found a short term living option which we would be able to use until about the first week of October.  HOPEFULLY we wont need it that long.  It's a very SMALL 2 bedroom cabin.  Teeny, tiny.  But  hey, it's a roof over our heads!  Normally the owners rent the cabin out to vacationers for $600/wk, but since we are local people who are not vacationing, they are giving us a screaming deal! 

So back to the cool "new" house.  It's on an organic pear orchard which is 22 acres.  We are going to be care-taking a bit for the owner since he lives out of town.  He cleared out a bunch of trees and plans on putting in an organic garden and is hoping to have an organic fruit/veg stand.  His long term idea is to turn it into a CSA.  Chris and I are going to be heavily involved with the project.  I can't wait!
Chris is excited because we finally get to have bees.  I am excited because we get to have goats!  Our chickens will be happy!
The house is a cute little ranch house.  Kind of reminds me of the house I grew up in.  I'm excited to get in and make it our home!

There is so much more to get into, but I will leave that for future posts.  I can say that everything we have wanted for a long time can be achieved by living here.  We didn't have the land or the money to make our dream come true, and the owner of the land needed someone with the same goals/dream as his to make his dream work.  I think it's the perfect marriage!

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  1. Debbie @ DandelionsAugust 22, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Bobbi, that's so awesome for you guys! I really hope the previous tenants get out fast so you can move in sooner rather than later! I hope you post some pics once you get into the new house! :)



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