Monday, April 26, 2010

Another year has flown by!

Today is my birthday!!  I love birthdays!  I have always been one of those people who has loooong birthdays.  Meaning, they usually start a few days before the actual day and end days later.  LOL  I love that!

Friday night Chris and Maggie took me out to dinner, Mexican food.  I had a delicious Shrimp Cocktail, and then I was surprised with a new camera.  Chris bought me my Nikon for my birthday a couple years ago, but I have wanted a small camera for convenience.  So he bought me a Canon PowerShot.  I have been a snapping fool since I got it.

Saturday we went shopping at the Hardware store.  They have an awesome Garden Center.  Yes.  This was my idea of fun and exactly what I wanted to do!  I ended up getting some beautiful Gardenia plants and some English Thyme to plant under my front living room window.  Can't wait until they bloom.  Chris and Maggie took me out to lunch.  I had a wonderful French Dip Sandwich (my favorite!) and some french fries that were out of this world!  Here is a picture of my little beauty while we were waiting for our food:

My parents came up on Sunday and gave me my birthday present. After they left we went shopping and I bought lots of new clothes. (thanks mom and dad!)  This was big for me.  I have been waiting.....and waiting to by new clothes because I keep thinking I'm going to lose weight and don't want to waste money. Well, I bit the bullet anyway.  It's nice to have new clothes.  :)
Then Sunday night we had a "block party".  Everyone brought meat and a side dish and we BBQ'd.  Had a lot of fun, but it was a late night.  Maggie had a blast.

Today is my actual birthday.  I spent the majority of the day with my favorite girl.  My friend and her daughter stopped by for a bit. Chris came home from a side-job and took us out to Chinese food for dinner.  YUM!  We had:

Won Ton Soup

Honey Walnut Prawns and Asparagus with Beef

and Combination Rice

While there I found out I was born in the Year of the Goat.  I can't help but think that is just another sign that I need  a few Nigerian Dwarf Goats!  I kinda laughed at what the year of the goat says:

Except for the knack of always getting off on the wrong foot with people, the Goat can be charming company. Your are elegant and artistic but the first to complain about things. Put aside your pessimism and worry and try to be less dependent on material comforts. You would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.
Now after all this I was SUPER stuffed.  But, not too full for Rainbow Birthday Cake!  Check this out!

Whodda thunk a cake made with Diet 7Up would look so fun and taste so yummy!

Anyway, turning 43 isn't all that bad!


  1. Oh wow!! Happy birthday! You do know how to party....I wish my birthday lasted for days! LOL The food all sounds awesome and yay for new clothes! I have the Cannon Powershot too, and I love mine! Although I'm a bit jealous as I have been dying to get a Nikon. (tee hee) Glad you had such a wonderful time!! :)

  2. I'm you newest follower/stalker from Friday Follow!

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  3. I will head over in just a few minutes!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Thanks Tree!

    Don't be too jealous of the Nikon. Although it works great I wish I would get myself off Auto mode! LOL

  5. Oh, that does look really yummy! Thanks for the color tips! I'll have to try the neon colors next time :) My daughter loves purple!

  6. Happy Birthday Bobbi - six weeks belated! LOL ;) you know how timely I am.

    LOVE the cake - it's gorgeous!!! Can you send me the recipe - I think Allie would LOVE it!



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