Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Gypsy and her family!

They arrived at our house this morning about 10:00.  I was so excited I couldn’t hardly sit still while waiting for them.  I kept looking out the window, pacing back and forth,  they weren’t getting here fast enough.  I woke up at 2am, again at 4 and then was finally up and out of bed at 7.  It was a long morning!  lol

Homesteading August 2011 009

They are Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Mama is 2 years old.  Babies will be 3 months in a few days.  They are gorgeous and sweet!  Mama is barely taller than my knee caps!  We are in absolute love.  Gypsy is so relaxed and gentle, and has a major cookie habit!

Homesteading August 2011 015

Little piggies babies and their mama!

Homesteading August 2011 020 Baby Girl.  She was named Jewels by her previous owner.  And is a strong possibility that she will keep it.  But other possible names we like are Meadow, Willow and Autumn.  We are just waiting a few days to see “who” she is before committing.

Homesteading August 2011 018 Baby Boy.  Oh boy!  This guy is a spitfire!  We are trying to find something that really captures his personality.  His name now is Romeo, but I had a family member I wasn’t too keen on by that name, so it has to go.  No idea yet what it will be.  Has to be something that screams “personality” though.  Chris’ suggestion was King Jack of Assville.  Which is very, very fitting, but then that would make our farm “Assville” and I’m not sure I want that!  lol

Homesteading August 2011 021 Big Mama—Gypsy.  She is already snuggling up to me.  I have found her sweet spot on her neck.  That made me A-OK in her book!

Homesteading August 2011 043 Playing on top of their new house

Who would think goats could bring so much pleasure!

And Pam, the woman we bought them from is an amazing woman.  Our family has so much in common with her.  I am glad that this has brought us a new, amazing friend!  We are looking forward to getting to know her better!

I have wanted Nigerian Dwarf goats for.ever!  So today feels like Christmas, Birthday and every other holiday rolled into one!

Today was a good day!

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  1. You lucky girl! I've always wanted a goat and chickens, but alas, I have to live in a city for my job. :(



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