Saturday, July 16, 2011

Worth the wait….or so I'm told!



Homestead July 2011 028
As you may remember from my post the other day we had a sweet cherry tomato turning red on the vine.  I’ve checked it while watering, tempted to pick it, but waited.  Waiting by the way is not one of my strong points!  But I held back and did the right thing.  Thinking about how yummy that first little red pop of goodness was going to be!

    I needed to go down to the garden to gather some herbs to make the chickens some tea and low and behold that tomato looked ready! 


Well, Maggie was with me, so who do you think got to pick it and eat it.  Yes!  The girl.  And she made sure to tell me how juicy and sweet it was.  I will get the next one! 


  1. Yummy! Sounds delicious!

  2. What a little bugger! LOL:)

  3. She is!  Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!

  4. Luckily I just found 2 more on another plant!  So we shared.  And I am very happy to say it was yummy!  Now waiting on getting a bumper crop of tomatoes because we have a TON planted!  lol



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