Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oak Park Hates Veggies

It's always interesting to find stories like this around this time of year when we are celebrating our independence and freedom.  But here it is folks, a story about a woman who is facing a lot of trouble with Oak Park, Michigan. Apparently the city has issues with Julie Bass growing a vegetable garden on her property.  In her front yard.  If you click on the link above it is a news story with video.  Check out her small garden boxes.  What is wrong with this being in your front yard?

From what I gather from reading her blog, this all started because of the city.  Apparently they planted trees at the front walk way when the houses were being built.  As the trees grew, their roots got bigger, stronger.  Eventually they grew so much that they broke the water lines to the Bass' home and they had to dig up their entire front yard.  Not only that, but there was also damage to her home as well that they (the Bass') had to clean up, pay for, etc.  So while in this transition, they decided that since their yard was a mess from the work they would grow vegetables for their family.  Funny thing was, Julie called the city every step of the way and made sure there were no laws against it.  Once she found out everything was fine, a planting she went!

I am appalled that tax money is being spent on this issue.  It is about the most ridiculous "crime" I have ever heard of!  What happened to freedom?  With the leaders of this country crying out about childhood obesity, more diseases being more prevalent, with a organic garden being grown at the White House, how on earth can this be a crime?  Does Oak Park, Michigan not have anything better to do?

If you find this to be as crazy as I do, please stop by Oak Park Hates Veggies and give her some bloggy love.  Also, if you are on Facebook, stop by and "like" the page her friend has going for her.  Any support she can get would be encouraging!

We still live in free America, let's worry about the REAL crimes and stop harassing Julie Bass and her family!


  1. someone should let her know that last summer or maybe earlier this year either BHG or Country Living (I can't remember which one) did a feature article on front yard gardens and showed some gorgeous ones..and was promoting the idea. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Leah!
    Yeah, front yard gardens is really no new concept, I don't understand what the deal is.  Either we own our property or we dont.  If we own it, we should be able to plant what we want, assuming it's not illegal substance.  Last I checked tomatoes and peppers weren't illegal!



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