Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organization, a much needed help freebie!

I try to be organized.  I do.  I really do.  In fact, when I worked outside the home I was super organized at the office.  To the point where I got teased and people "messed with my area" because everything had a home, a spot, a place to be.  Every day before leaving work everything got put back.  I admit I was a bit OCD about my workspace.  WHY can't I be like that at home?  Maybe not the OCD part, but organized.

Well, besides the fact that I am much more relaxed at home, I think I have 2 other very good reasons why I stink at being organized here.  Chris and Maggie.  Now, i'm not trying to blame it all on them, but man, it's almost like they are tag-teaming against me sometimes!  It makes it difficult when there are others in your home who don't share the need for things to be put back where they belong.

I don't know, maybe Chris is a bit that way because he knows if he goes along with me he may be living with the husband from Sleeping with the Enemy.  Do you remember how the husband would line up all the cans facing outward, perfectly.  

This isn't a New Years Resolution.  This is just a need for order.  I feel so chaotic and so out of sorts.  I need order again.  I have been searching around the internet looking for help to get me started again.  While searching I found something you all might really like!  Check this out!

It's FREE and only available for a limited time! Get Organized Wizard has their Goals & Priorities Diary 2011, valued at $29 available to you, yes, for FREE! All you need to do is LIKE their facebook page.  You will then get a coupon code and directions on how to use.  This has fully interactive Monthly Goal Planners, allowing you to plan your goals for the month.  There is the Daily Priorities Planner that helps you keep track of your top tasks.  Goals Achieved & Reward page--a great way to celebrate your success!  There is also a Goals List not only for this year, but for next year as well!  
I LOVE that this can stay on the computer.  Fill out the forms and save.  No extra clutter, binders, folders whatever around the house.  This is 388 pages of wonderful!
While you are at the website downloading, take a look around.  Lots of great info!

So after you download, don't just leave it there!  Start to fill it out!  Make 2011 a year to remember.  A year filled with less clutter, less junk and more order in your life!

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