Monday, June 28, 2010


Every year around Spring/Summer we talk about getting rid of our satellite and not having TV.  Notice how I said every year?  We talk about it every year because we never end up doing it!  Well, take note folks!  Summer 2010 our household finally became unplugged! 

We have turned off the TV before and tried to not watch so much of it, but that doesn't work.  Boredom sets in and it's too convenient and easy to grab the remote control and press "on" to get a quick fix.  This time we can't do that. :)

I've been TV-free before.  Several  years ago when I lived with good friends I had no choice but to be TV-free.  I actually got used to it very quickly.  Not only did I get used to it, I actually liked it.  I found myself doing more reading, getting things done I normally put off, being outside more.  I am hoping this will be the case for my family.

With sites on the internet like Hulu we can still watch a few of our favorites.  Like Deadliest Catch and my must watch, The Young and the Restless (I know, I know!  It's a guilty pleasure).  We also resigned up for Netflix. Maggie watched a 1972 movie last night of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She loved it.  I thought it was great too.  Loved that Peter Sellars was the March Hare. 

My biggest motivation for this is Maggie.  I can't help but think of the old Sunday School song "Oh becareful little eyes what you see....."  I absolutely hate that you can be picky about the shows our kids watch, but then a commercial comes on and it blows your mind! 
Another thing I hope it helps with is the major case of the "I wants" that she has been having.  So many commercials are targeted towards our kids.  Something can come on and I get the "mommy, I need that" and than 2 minutes later it's something else.  {sigh}  I wont miss that!

I started really thinking about the influence TV has on Maggie the other night when Chris and I were watching The Proposal.  Maggie walked into the living room and said "Hey!  That's Betty White!  And thats Sandra Bullock!"  I was kind of surprised, but even more surprised when she said "Sandra Bullocks husband is Jesse James and he has a girlfriend named Michelle."  My heart sank.  :(  She is only 5 1/2.  She doesn't NEED to know these things!  Buh-bye cable!

So, even though we don't have our satellite working anymore, we can still watch movies together if we want to.  I don't mind a little TV.  I just don't want to be a zombie family infront of the tube when there is so much more we can be doing!  Now, before I get emails or comments about my last statement, let me just say this, I don't believe that every family is a zombie family if you have TV!  :)  Just my family.  But, if you are interested in becoming TV-free, there are a lot of good resources out there to help you, like Instead of TV.  Check it out!

Anyone else out there "unplugged?"  What do you find you are doing now that you weren't doing when you had TV?


  1. We recently ended our satellite, too, but I think it will be temporary. I love "being deprived". The only thing I'll miss is Monday Night Football. My kids didn't even notice for three days. I had to tell them it was gone. We rarely watch anything without DVR'ing it first, so they are used to not sitting in front of it. We hardly ever have it on during the day anyway.

  2. ROFL about your kids not noticing! Maggie hasnt been concerned either.
    The only thing I have missed has been the news in the morning. So thats not too bad! :)

    Good luck with your deprivation! LOL



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