Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ocean themed study (K)

Maggie is all about the ocean and the beach.  The weather is warming up and she is ready to go!  Luckily living on the west coast we have the coastline right by us.  A trip to the ocean/beach is a quick drive.  Our "daycation" to Glass Beach last month has really got her fired up to go back. 

I found this cute Ocean themed study on Love Two Teach.  It's a 9 page pdf that is free for download.  There is patterning cards, tracing words, coloring, matching and even a little math sheet.  The math sheet is perfect for Maggie right now as she keeps asking me to give her "math tests."  LOL 

Maggie has already started! 

I thought this was really cute and wanted to pass it on.   Enjoy!

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