Friday, February 19, 2010


I got my first award! I got my first award! LOL Thank you to Johanna at Jo's Health Corner for blessing me with such a sweet award. :)

The rules to keep this award going are:

1.Thank the person that gave you the award.

2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered
and whom you think are fantastic!

3.Contact the Bloggers you pick to let them know they've won

4.State 7 Things about yourself!

I have found some awesome blogs lately and i'm excited to share them with you! Here they are, in no particular order! :)

**5 Orange Potatoes
Skip To My Lou
Silly Eagle Books
**Playful Learning
**Pink and Green Mama
Gypsy Forest
down in the meadow
Blog, She Wrote
It's Almost Naptime
Homegrown Families
Sweet Simple Inspiration
Living and Learning
Our Suburban Homestead
**Journey Into Unschooling
A Country Mom

Please, never-mind the asterisks, they are there as a reminder for me. I have not yet been able to contact these people...can't find email addresses for them. So I need to find a way to contact them. Even if I can't I really wanted to share their blogs with you. I have been enjoying them tremendously!

OK, now for the 7 things:

1. I must have coffee first thing in the morning. Or else.

2. I have a major, major bird phobia. Which makes having 9 chickens really funny. For some reason I am not afraid of the girls.

3. I am short. I can wear cropped pants for full length pants.

4. I was blessed with the curse that our mothers give us when we are growing know the one "I hope you have a child just like you when you grow up."

5. I am counting the days until Spring finally gets here.

6. I secretly like the color pink.

7. I hate crumbs on the kitchen counter. Almost as much as the toilet paper roll being turned the wrong way.


  1. Hi, found your great blog through Follow Me Firday. I'm now following, Happy Friday!

  2. Good Morning Bobbi!
    I have a thing for the toilet paper roll being the wrong way too. You chicks are cute! Have great weekend!

  3. :) thank you sweetie! So nice to have new friends!!

  4. Enjoy your award :)

  5. thank you so much!!! I am so honored that you would pick myblog :) Thanks!

  6. Congrats to you . I love pink and I am short too.

  7. congrats to you and thank you for the award! I love that you have nine chickens! It's always been a secret dream of mine to have chickens.

  8. Thank you so much :) I'm glad to know you like to visit us!

  9. Congratulations Bobbi. You have a very lovely blog. xox



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