Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homemade Dog Food

If you have pets then you will agree that they are very much apart of the family. And just like any other family member you want what is best for them. I know our dogs, Agador and Starina had some eating issues when they were babies. They were put on a restricted vegetarian diet around 8 wks old by UC Stanford because 2 of their siblings died from a very rare to puppies issue. Since then we have always worried about their health. After All, they are the only two that survived more than 2 years out of their entire litter of 5 pups. We are so blessed that they have never had any health related issues at all.

Anyway......we slowly re-introduced meat back into their diet about 5 years ago and they have done wonderfully. But, it's dry dog food. An even though it's a good quality it's still processed. I hate processed foods, even for my fur-babies. I was reading on down---to---earth (one of my absolute favorite blogs!) that she has been making her dog food for about 12 years. I read this a few months ago, was curious about it but then forgot about. Which is something that happens....a lot! LOL
Then a friend of mine on facebook who also reads down---to---earth mentioned that she made the food and it was wonderful. So, two people who make it and like it. I was on a mission to make dog food!

I didn't have any left over meat to use, so I went to the store and bought some hamburger. Everything else I had in my pantry or stockpile cupboard. How easy is that??

Here is what you do to make your own dog food:
2.5 lbs. ground hamburger -
1½ cups raw brown or white rice
1 cup raw barley OR lentils
1 cup raw pasta
2 cups chopped vegetables - it can be whatever you have on hand but NOT ONIONS or LEEKS.
1 spoonful of peanut butter (optional)
Place all the above ingredients into a big stockpot. Cover with water and stir to break up the mince. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45 minutes. When it's finished cooking, top up the stockpot to the rim with water and leave to cool.
When it's cold, place into portion sized plastic containers and freeze until you need them.

How easy is that? Really? I made a half batch and it gave me enough to feed my two dogs for 3.5 days. I am only feeding 1 cup, once a day until their dry food is gone. Rhonda Jean says she feeds her two dogs 2 cups/day and this recipe makes enough food for 1 week.

I plan on going to the Grocery Outlet and buying 5lbs of hamburger and making a double batch. I used ziploc sandwich bags for storing in the freezer. Very convenient.
Last night I had some frozen peas and corn, so I threw it in!

The best compliment I got from dogs were, Agador barking at his bowl for more and Starina glaring at her bowl as if she was going to magically make some appear. Happy dogs make a happy owner!

Now go make your pooch some food!


  1. Fabulous post Bobbi! So glad your fur-babies like it. Bella kicks her bowl around when it is gone, wondering why I haven't added more lol.

    Be blessed!

  2. Great post Bobbi!Thanks for sharing so others see how easy it is to make your own dog food. Processed dog food is made of cancerous animals. I have never used processed food for my dog.

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