Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Wow! Can you believe it's already February 1st? I am amazed that we are already in the second month of 2010!

I am super happy today as it is Chris' first day back at work! YIPPEE! He has been out of work since November 2009. I know, not that long compared to some people, but for us it was really hard. We are excited because this job is actually different than his usual profession (auto/marine mechanic), he will be working on a certified organic farm. I guess I will get more details when he gets home tonight. :)

For the month of February Maggie and I are going to really focus on reading/sounding out words and writing. She is just so ready for this now. She is constantly coming up to me, "Mommy, what's this word?", "Mommy, how do you spell xxxx?"
We are also going to do a lot of math manipulative's. She has really picked up on adding, which I am pretty pleased about. I have found some great games that we are going to start as well as some fun workpages as well.
I can see such a change in her lately with how she wants to school. She is really eager to learn, and I am ready and willing to teach her. It seems like she has been in a "school slump" for the last few months. I haven't pushed her, have just eased up on it and waited for her to come back around. Looks like she has and is super ready to get started again! I can't wait to see what we learn over the next few months.

Another thing we are working on is sowing our seeds so they will be ready for planting when it comes time to plant our garden. I don't know who is more excited about this project, me or Maggie.

I am trying, as usual to figure out ways for our family to save money. So my project I am starting now is homemade dog food. I will write more tomorrow about this, as well as the recipe. I am so pleased with how easy it was, how inexpensive it is and how much our dogs loved it!
Agador, our male dog was barking at his bowl when he was done. When I went to tell him to stop barking, Starina was just starring into her bowl as if she was willing more food in there. I would have to say it is a big thumbs up all the way around!

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