Friday, January 15, 2010

She's official!

Maggie finally made it to her first official "big" 4-H meeting yesterday. I was so proud of her to sit thru the hour long meeting, which I am sure was totally boring to her. But, she sat there, quiet and patient, watching and taking in what was going on around her. I honestly thought sitting there for so long would be hard for her, but she was a trooper! Plus she was thrilled that her friend Clara was there, sitting right next to her. Clara is an older girl, I think she is 11. They made friends at the chicken meeting last month.

Maggie got her hat and T-shirt yesterday. She looks so stinkin' cute in them. She tried them on and had specific orders that she wanted her hair in two braids. Last night she was laying in bed and she told her dad that she wont be "ficial" (official) until she gets a gold pin on her hat. So she clearly has a goal set for herself already!

So far she is signed up for the Cloverbud class as well as Chickens and Rabbits. I think she is going to absolutely love this, she seems so excited.
Right now she is in her "uniform" she has a notebook in front of her and she is practicing a "presentation" in front of her mirror. This kid is so cute. I'm so proud of her!

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  1. SOOO cute!!! I cannot WAIT until L is 5 so we can join! I talked to our local chapter leader and it's possible that he can join in if I volunteer and create our own team, but I just don't have time to take that on at the I sit idly by waiting for him to turn 5, LOL!! SO exciting! She looks so happy!! <3



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