Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are moved!

I am so thankful to be moved! I absolutely do not like moving. Although it is on the bottom of things I want to do I am SO thankful we did it. We are all so happy. We have been here a week now and it already feels like home!! The previous people who lived here left behind their two adult cats...who of course had kittens. I have sucker written all over my face and I have been trying to make friend with the wild little kitties. They are just so precious. A lady up the road from us has joined in. We catch the kittens and take them in to be spayed/neutered and then they get tagged so the animal control people know they are wild kitties who have been taken care of and wont take them to the shelter. We have the two adults and 4 babies to catch. So far we have caught I think 5 of the kittens. There are two that I am particularly fond of. Blondie and Green Mint (aka Batman).
We have 2 mama deer who come visit every morning and early evening with their 3 babies. Lots of birds, wild finches, woodpeckers, blue jays, hummingbirds, etc. We have a ton of bird houses/feeders all over the back and front yard. We have made a worm farm (we are currently studying dirt!) and boy what fun that was to make. So, even though we have been busy with the move and settling in, we have still been having "school".

I have a Flat Sarah update and some pictures I want to post. That will all have to wait til tomorrow! Now that we are settling in I plan on posting a lot more! I have been terrible about keeping this poor blog up! Sigh.......

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