Monday, September 14, 2009

Please, spay or neuter your pets!

If you have pets, please spay or neuter them! The people who live here before us left behind 2 mamas (well, one is confirmed female, not sure about the 2nd) and 9 babies! So far 3 babies have been trapped and taken to animal control. They were spayed/neutered and got their ear tagged so the animal catcher knows they have been fixed and wont pick them up. One died and sadly, before the program above was found out one was taken to the animal shelter and sadly euthanized. There are the two adults and 4 babies left to catch. Trying to trap them before more babies are made.

The owners who lived in our house before us left them behind. The adults were once pets. Now they are very shy and scared. I feed and water them daily. I already have 3 indoor cats, I wasn't in the market for anymore, but it is what it is. They are incredibly cute and fun to watch. I can't imagine just letting them go on as they are and making more and more and more babies. It's so sad.

So someone else's responsibility is costing me $50.00 each to spay/neuter plus the $60 per trap! I am slowly becoming attached, as is Maggie. And Chris, "Mr. we are not going to be feeding those cats" has gone to the store several times to buy cat food. All but one have names....we are still trying to think of a good one! Here are a couple pictures of them.

The striped one is the female, her name is Coraline. The kitten is Blondie.

Its hard to see their sweet faces, I just fed them. The striped one is Licorice, the gray one is Green Mint and the Black one still needs a name.

The only one not pictures is the black one I assume is a female as well. But could be papa.


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