Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Homestead...........

Last weekend we finally had a day of sunshine!  We have been anxiously waiting to get started on our front yard so we jumped at the opportunity!  It was warm enough for me to wear a tank top, that is saying a lot! 

Chris got out the rototiller and made two laps around the yard.  I then took the rake and started raking the dirt as smoothly as I could.  I am trying to make the dirt as level as possible, but it's kind of hard to do.  Especially when you have a little someone behind you the entire time thinking the new "dirt yard" is the best place on earth!  We have now nicknamed Maggie "dirtworldgirl".  LOL 

We had some HUGE rocks to move and of course underneath them were a lot of little ant colonies so I had to do some pest control in those areas. 

Here are some pictures, big difference from the last ones I posted the other day!

Just starting the job!

Digging out some old Rosemary root

Daisy Mae supervising the day

Watching Daddy rototill

Maggie would be perfectly content if we left the yard like this!

I'm surprised at how much work we got done, especially because when you work in the yard like this it drives neighbors out of their homes and the chit chat begins! LOL
After we did the front yard we pressure washed our back patio/deck so I can stain and seal it soon! 

So here we sit in "Sunny California", the rain has come back and will be here for at least the rest of the week.  Our strawberry clover seeds came in the mail.  They are sitting on my counter anxiously waiting to be spread.  Can't wait for my state to live up to it's name and give us some sunshine!  I am ready to get this lawn put in!

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  1. Love the pics Bobbi! And your daughter is adorable lol




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