Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Growin'?

One thing I absolutely love about gardening is, everyday is new.  Something sprouts, something grows inches overnight, something blooms.  I was walking around the yard yesterday alone, enjoying the sound of the water running down the creek, butterflies fluttering by.  I realised I had a smile on my face.  I felt at peace.  I felt good.  I felt accomplished.  I am growing nourishing food and medicine for my family.  I feel like am doing what I am suppose to be doing.  This is where I am suppose to be!

Here are a couple of pictures from around the yard of things that caught my eye and made my heart flutter!

Taters!  Can't wait!  Mashed, fried, hashed, twice baked, scalloped.......
         (click to make larger)

Onions....not in a perfect row, but who cares!
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Bea-u-tiful Camilia's.  I absolutely love them, Chris has never let me have them. He mumbles something about them being messy.  ??  Love that they are already here and established.  I always win, somehow!!
 (click to make larger)

Look at how big and beautiful this Comfrey is!  It just started getting pretty purple flowers on it.  Looking forward to using it to heal some owies that I know will occur this summer.
     (click to make larger)

And last, but definitely not least, gorgeous iris'.  These are one of my favorite flowers
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Ms. Rosa and Gingersnap heading out of the coop to snack on some mint!
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