Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ooops....we did it again!

Chris and I just can not be trusted. We needed dog food and we were happy that we got an e-coupon from our local feed store for $2.00 off. So off to the feed store we went. Admittedly, in the back of my mind I already planned on getting 1....maybe 2 new chicks if they happened to have any Frizzles. I didn't say anything to Chris about it because I knew he would think I was crazy.

So we get to the feed store and I made a bee-line for the back where I know they keep the chicks. The top of the box had Rhode Island Reds. Cool. We already have two, I wasn't tempted. The second row of the box were all special order being held for two different people. Even better! Then came the third row. Golden Laced Wyanadottes and Delawares. Heavy sigh. I knew that we would come home with two Delawares because Chris has mentioned in the past that he likes them. So I sent Maggie over to tell him to come look. What did he say to me? I really like Golden Laced Wyanadottes. Dang! I knew right then we were in big trouble!

We came home with these little cuties: Barb, Margene, Nicki and Maybeline--

Yup, that's right. 2 of each. We laughed all the way home about our decision. We never in a million years thought we would have 13 chickens. But we do and we love it.

Here they are waiting for us to get their brooder ready. They are meeting the other babies in the house:

And speaking of the other babies. They are now 3 weeks old. They are getting in to that "awkward" stage. The name Mrs. Pteranodon is very fitting now!

One of the "triplets" we have had a hard time naming. The first two were pretty easy. Maggie named hers Mrs. Pteranodon. I named one Gloria and the other has had several names. From Tallulah to Cheese Puff to Sunshine to Shiny and a few others. Today we finally came up with her name. Aunt Bea. It just seems "right".

Also! I don't want to just brag on the littles! I am excited to share that Meryl Peep laid her FIRST egg this week! Yup! 4 of the original 6 are now laying. We were a little put off though by Meryls egg because it was brown. She is an Easter Egger and we really thought for sure we were going to get a blue or green egg. In fact we got her and Ellen DeHeneres because we wanted some colored eggs. But we have just chalked it up to "our luck" and keep our fingers crossed that Ellen will pull thru for us!

So we have learned a very good lesson today. Buy all our supplies ahead of time BEFORE chickie season so we wont have to go to the feed store and be tempted or pay our neighbors to go pick up our stuff for us! I can't help but wonder how many more chickens are in our future!

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